Gone are the days when a simple round or rectangular top being supported by wooden or metal legs was the only design available in the market in the tables. With trending tech and creativity in action, we have come across some really awesome redesigns and splendid originals that just redefine simplicity with high end luxurious touch.

Vigo is an excellent piece of furniture work that shows brilliant skill in making such an elegant glass top for the table. Even more, there the base of the table is made from leather covered steel rods. To add to the attraction, the table comes with a white leather clad stool. Rectangular in shape and having standard dimensions, the Vigo could be the best choice you make for your personal space.

Truly a well-built design and table itself, the Volcano is really a piece that doesn’t go unnoticed to the eye of the beholder. The Volcano is one brilliantly crafted table made of glass that has its top as well as the base made from glass itself. The Volcano is made from clear crystal glass at top that bends towards the edges to form the base support of the glass table. Having a rectangular shape, the Volcano is a perfect furniture item to flaunt off in your space.

The Zaragoza is one beautifully redesigned conventional style glass coffee table that redefines the very class of your space. The Zaragoza is an amazingly designed contemporary furniture coffee table that gives a class with elegance to the living space. The table top is made of glass, rectangular and the base is made of chromed steel rods. With the dimensions of 47 x 27.5 x 18 in, the table’s base has its rods covered with lacquer too. Truly it is a brilliant work and design to take home right away.

Zeon is a classic redesign that features the simplicity of the conventional style along with an excellent framework of wood. Zeon is a splendid furniture work in the contemporary furniture. The top is made from clear excellent quality glass whereas the base has been fashioned from top graded wood. With the rectangular top and single layered designed base, the Zeon is a brilliant piece of furniture work that fills your space with simplicity…plain simplicity.

The Performance is an exceptional work of glass that gives you an amazing classy look and still manages to maintain a simple and decent design. The Performance is an amazingly built glass table that shows the exceptional and creative bent glass work. The curved glass design adds to the classy look, adding to the brilliant performance of the Performance. The original rectangular table has been modified in order to give you the best looking design. The base of the glass table and the base layer are made of crystal clear glass.

All the available tables areelegant classy tables that have been made to best suit any surroundings be it living or working space. You can go through these tables and many more innovative designs across all top furniture stores in Chicago.

The electronic cigarettes might have been invented way back in 1969. However, they were only recently introduced in the market. As a matter of fact, it is not more than one decade since the electronic cigarettes were introduced in the market. Their popularity is growing exponentially because they are a good alternative to the normal tobacco smoke. One thing we need to mention here is that there is no much difference between the sensation you get from inhaling the electronic cigarettes vapour and the normal tobacco smoke. Even more so, V2 Cigs e cigarette are similar to the regular tobacco cigarettes in terms of appearance.

That being said, what is the main difference between the electronic cigarette and the normal tobacco cigarette? One noticeable difference that can be found when one looks inside is the obvious fact that electronic cigarette does not contain tobacco. Instead, it contains a liquid called e-liquid and this liquid contains a nicotine flavour. This means that there is essentially no difference between smoking tobacco and using electronic cigarettes in terms of the flavour and sensation you receive from both. There is a mechanism that enables the nicotine in the electronic cigarettes to be heated up and turned to a vapour that is either inhaled or exhaled just like what happened in normal tobacco smoking. It is Worthing repeating that the sensation you get when smoking tobacco is the same you get with the e-liquid.

Hot trend worldwide?

As we have already mentioned, electronic cigarettes are not old in the market but they are quickly becoming one of the most influential items for smokers. In fact, some industry analysts claim that if the current trend is anything to go by, electronic cigarettes might eventually overtake tobacco smoking. The fact that tobacco has been associated with a number of health hazards has ensured that the popularity of electronic cigarettes continue to sour.

For those folks who are attracted to style and trend, electronic cigarettes offer you just that, most of them are made to look cute and fashionable. Another thing that makes the electronic cigarettes more popular is the fact that they are not subject to regulation mainly because they do not contain tobacco.

If you are like many users who become irritated by the smell of tobacco after smoking, you might find electronic cigarettes a welcome alternative. Actually, they only produce a vapour that looks like that which is produced by fog machines. The smoke will quickly fade and disappear within the shortest time possible. In that regard, electronic cigarettes pose minimal danger to the environment and do not affect others as well.

Last but not list, electronic cigarettes are convenient since you will not need to carry your lighter or match around. They use a lithium battery that allows them to light automatically. Once you have ignited them, they will glow like the tobacco cigarettes. It is also important to know that electronic cigarettes come in different flavours. The type of flavour you choose depends on the taste and sensation you would like to experience.

A pond aerators solution is the answer to a stagnant, smelly pond. Fish and plants cannot live without oxygen, yet oxygen does not penetrate water without some kind of pump. That is where pond aerators solutions help.

Adding Oxygen

You can add oxygen to your pond with the proper pump setup. A lake bed or pond aerator is an air diffuser, much like the tiny stones used in aquariums to diffuse air into the water. The aerator is placed in the bottom of the pond, and air is pumped through hoses to the diffuser. The air bubbles that rise from the diffuser float to the top, bringing water from the bottom of the pond up to the top. There, what was once oxygen-depleted bottom water is at the top, and picks up some oxygen from the atmosphere. In addition, bad gasses that have been trapped at the bottom of the pond can evaporate into the atmosphere. The agitation from air bubbles rotating the water helps oxygen to penetrate the water, producing oxygenated water. This keeps the water, plants, and fish healthy.

Adding oxygen to the water also keeps the bottom dwelling animals healthy. Snails and worms, and even fresh-water mussels to some degree, thrive on the nutrients that float to the bottom. To them, fish waste, grass clippings, and even some dead plant matter provide rich nutrients. These tiny animals keep the pond bottom clean, and they move around, creating their own little ecosystem.

However, in deeper ponds, the oxygen cannot penetrate to the bottom of the pond, and the water becomes stagnant. When this happens, gasses from the fish waste and dead algae are trapped close to the bottom of the pond. The lack of oxygen kills the bottom dwellers, and the fish have to stay close to the surface of the pond in order to get enough oxygen. What was once a clean pond becomes scummy, with muck all along the bottom. This gives rise to an algae bloom that further destroys the pond ecosystem.

Pond Aerators Solution

A pond aerators solution can be done in two ways. With a more shallow pond, a surface splasher can be sufficient to keep the pond aerated. This will be in the form of a fountain, a water pump, or some sort of a propeller. Unfortunately, a surface splasher will not aerate the water at the bottom of a deeper pond. It will keep the surface aerated so that algae is controlled, but the lower regions of a deep pond will still die back.

With diffused aeration, the water is drawn up by the column of air being pumped through. The bottom water is pulled to the top where unhealthy gasses can be dissipated. A diffused aerator usually does not require any kind of a filter, while a fountain, which circulates water, needs filtration. The electric motor for the aerator is located on the shore, and the diffuser is on the bottom of the pond.

It’s gift-giving time! The holiday season is here again and you’re surely trying to find the perfect items to send as gifts to your loved ones. Try shopping online. There are different types of gifts that are available but the most popular is customized jewels. These items are definitely awesome and you can even engrave words, numbers or letters on them.

Anything can be engraved in the jewelry. Some even engrave confessions through it. The fact remains that these wonderful pieces are the greatest way to say how you really feel. You could engrave a wish such as “good luck on your journey” or “until we meet again”. Longer messages are best for bracelets. One word messages are most common for rings and pendants.

Tongue-tied? Let the best engraved gift say it all!

Not all of us have been endowed with the talent to say the right words at the right time. So, if you usually find it difficult to utter what you wanted to say to someone, it is recommended that you simply do so b means of a customized present.

Date Engravings

Necklaces, rings and bracelets engraved with dates are also one of the most common gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and weddings. This could be a date that is very memorable for both the giver and the receiver. Or it could also turn out to be a funny gift. If your husband or friend constantly forgets a rather important date, you’d better make him remember such by offering a personalized item with the date engraved on it. This would surely serve as an excellent reminder.

Customized Items for Him

Are you one of those who believe that men do not appreciate jewels? Of course, they do! Why don’t you offer something that’s totally awesome especially if the recipient is someone who prays a lot? Say it with a prayer if there’s sufficient space for engraving. Or include a part. It could also be any quotation or even a bible verse.

Want something that totally rocks? Learn everything from the best gifts advice. Anything is possible and with the right words or letters, you’ll surely be able to generate the right reaction from the recipient. You could engrave funny words or short quotes that the receiver of the gift is always using. This is the perfect time for you to be creative. In the first place, you are offering something that is definitely worth the cost.

Engrave the GPS coordinates of a special place that’s memorable to you both! This might be the coordinates of the place where you first had your date, a dream place, the first restaurant where you had your first meal together or a park where you most often meet. The possibilities are endless when you choose to say what’s in your heart through engraved words, letters or numbers.

So, why should you offer the usual jewelry gifts when you can easily customize the same using the right words? Send something more personal and your loved one will truly treasure your gift!

Whether you are an amateur or a professional gardener, we cannot deny the fact that the use of organic fertilizer is a highly effective way of enriching your soil. When we say organic, we simply mean that the materials are simply natural in form. In short, anything that rots can become compost and this is simply one of the most popular choices of many gardeners and farmers when it comes to fertilizing gardens and farms.

Organic Fertilizer is Earth-Friendly

The truth is that many farmers and garden enthusiasts simply recognize the potential qualities and benefits of organic fertilizers, we cannot deny the fact that they have truly become popular in most local garden shops these days. Chemical-based fertilizers aim to boost and enhance the growth and health of plants but you are simply assured that fertilizers that are organically-made fertilizers work as good as the chemical-based options. There is one particular thing that makes organic type fertilizers different from the chemical-based ones. And this is the fact that an organic type is more earth-friendly than the other.

Making Your Own Organic Fertilizer

When it comes to making your own version of organic fertilizer, you have to know that this is usually done with the use of different kinds of ingredients. But before you get in the way to make your own, it is important to do m some research first so that you will know the right and proper solution that will match any existing conditions in your garden. The following are some of the most popular options when it comes to choosing a good and reliable kind of organic fertilizer.


This is simply considered as a great and excellent choice. Basically, compost is usually made in the backyard with the aid of a compost bin or a pile. Compost is highly beneficial to the soil simply because it is rich ion microorganisms, humic acid and enzymes. Definitely, this is going to be an excellent way to revive the health of your plants, thus making it better looking in time.


Organic fertilizer can also be made with the use of seaweed. This is a kind of specimen which is known to be saltwater-based so you can have the assurance that the weeds are simply rich in minerals which are known to promote good health to your plants.


Organic Fertilizer This usually comes from farm animals and it usually contains a good amount of nitrogen. It is highly advisable that manure should be thoroughly mixed with compost before spreading it on your garden or lawn. Manure is highly beneficial with the strong concentration of ammonia and nitrogen in it. However, you have to take note that applying manure directly to the plan can be detrimental to the health and life of the plant.

The fact is that there are many different things that can be used to make your own version of organic fertilizer. However, if you don’t have the time to do it, you can simply find them at Great Garden Supply today!